Royalty Rates to Benchmark Intangibles®

Sectilis is an online database containing 15,900 (live count) reports of real transactions royalty rates and key intangibles (copyright, patent, trademark), franchises, and mineral rights licensing terms. Sectilis provides searchable royalty rates statistics by industry, intellectual property (IP) type, and other factors such as country. Royalty rates statistics include the average, StDev, median, and interquartile range.

Database Features:

  • Download a pre-paid package of royalty rate reports and make additional purchases. Reports include the royalty rate, licensing terms and patent numbers (if applicable). Request a sample report to view all fields.
  • Perform unlimited searches using 14 filters to quickly find comparable licenses. Fields include royalty rates, intangible type, industry, licensor and licensee names, exclusivity, duration and territory.
  • Use custom built-in analytical tools on an unlimited basis to generate comparative analysis charts and predictive statistics.
  • View royalty rate statistics by industry, IP type, effective year, region or country.

Purchase includes knowledge-based customer service by experienced representatives, including assistance with the formulation of search criteria to find comparable royalty rates.

Royalty rates are sourced from unredacted license agreements filed as Exhibits with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and from other sources.

Royalty Rates to Benchmark Intangibles®








600 USD
  • 15 prepaid royalty reports, after that 36 USD each.
  • Unlimited searches.
  • Royalty Rate statistics by industry, type, and year.
  • License description.
  • Fast search engine.
  • All purchases are final (no refunds).

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