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About Sectilis

Sectilis® is a repository of SEC® filings and parsed exhibits extracted from the primary filings. In addition, Sectilis provides as reported and normalized XBRL financials and footnotes from U.S. filers, including non-U.S. companies.

The XBRL financials are organized into per U.S. filer income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and on demand financial ratios.

You can search the SEC filings and exhibits and obtain a composed response. The “differentia specifica” of Sectilis is that the intelligent composition is accompanied by the source references.

Sectilis is an ideal research tool for online users interested in information discovery in the fields of accounting, business, or law.

Access SEC filings with fast and intelligent search & composition
Access parsed exhibits
Access as reported & normalized XBRL financials
Search and compose parts of speech (POS)
3,000 EUR
  • 1-year access to:
  • Up to 100 filling or exhibits exports per day.
  • Unlimited searches and compositions.
  • Fast search engine.
  • All purchases are final (no refunds).

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